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Our Story

Sip Local and Taste Our Organic California Farm-to-Can Hard Kombucha

We are a local San Diego brewery that uses only the highest quality whole fruit as our primary ingredient. We never use juice, purees, concentrates, or added flavorings.


We carefully select only the best organic farms in California that care as much about quality as we do. Our unique whole-fruit fermentation process preserves the vital nutrients, fresh flavor, and aromas of the fruit. We invite you to taste the difference.

Our Local Farms

Get to know exactly where you're drinking from!


JSM Organics

We use the highest quality raspberries sourced from JSM Organics in picturesque Monterey, California.

Blackberries and Dragon Fruit

Stehly Farms

We don't settle for anything less than the best, which is why we source our delicious blackberries and dragon fruit exclusively from Stehly Farms in scenic San Diego County.

Bartlett Pears

Greene & Hemley

Our sweetest and succulent

 pears from Greene & Hemly Farms in sunny Courtland, California to give our kombucha that perfect fruity flavor.


Murray Farms

We use the sweetest high quality strawberries from Murray Family Farms. You can taste the real strawberries in every sip.


College Heights

We use only the freshest and juiciest mangoes from College Heights Orange & Lemon Assoc. in Corona to create our delicious kombucha.

White Grapes

Sun Pacific Farms

We only use the freshest and most flavorful grapes from Sun Pacific Farm in Bakersfield to create our delicious kombucha.

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